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Reach everything you need in one place with the Zack Rack  Automated Cabinet System

What is a Zack Rack?

The Zack Rack is a customizable  accessible cabinets.  It is an automated shelving system that brings everything you store within YOUR reach!  You will be able to reach anything because the automated system bings any of the ten (10) shelves to your ideal reach height.  You can customize your Zack Rack by selecting one of five (5) height options for the access door, providing you with ideal access to everything.  The access door can be set at 28″, 32″, 36″, 40″, or 44″ based on your needs.

Whether in the kitchen, your bedroom, or  your office, the exterior of the Zack Rack cabinet will be customized to match your style and decor.

How does the Zack Rack work?  It is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Accessibility to every shelf is made easy with the quick push of a button that brings the shelf to you.
  2. The smart carousel always finds the shortest path.
  3. You open the access door and the items you need are there within reach.

What are the benefits of a Zack Rack?

The Zack Rack eliminates the wasted space of cabinets and shelves which you and your family cannot easily reach.

You can all stay safe and avoid pulling overhead shelving down to you, limit use of step ladders, and avoid the frustration of using reaching devices. 

You can maintain or regain your independence with the Zack Rack.

Increase your storage space with 10 shelves.

Interested? Have Questions? Call (336-443-2511) or email ( us today to learn how you can order you custom automated Zack Rack Cabinet!


When we say “Store More and Reach Everything,” we really mean it.  Take a look at everything that the Zack Rack can hold!

Store more and reach everything with  accessible cabinets from Zack Rack.

Zack Rack accessible cabinets will transform storage in any room of your home or workplace and can store a wide variety of items.

With 10 automated shelves, you can increase your storage space by increasing access to everything you need.

Who benefits from a Zack Rack?

-anyone who needs a step ladder to access items

-anyone who has inaccessible upper or lower cabinets

-shorter people of all ages

-taller people of all ages

-people with limited reach, mobility, or balance issues

-people who use assistive devices for reaching and/or mobility

-older adults

-YOU and your family!

Where is the best place for my Zack Rack?

-your kitchen:  easily reach dishes, canned goods, boxes of cereal + snacks, drinks

-your bedroom:  easily reach your clothes, shoes, and accessories

-your garage:  easily reach your tools, cleaning and gardening chemicals, pots and seeds,

-your office or workplace:  easily reach your office supplies and files or tools and supplies for whatever work you do

With 10 shelves, you can increase your storage space without sacrificing accessibility to everything you need. The height of the access door can be made to fit your specifications, which also makes this cabinet great for seniors and shorter individuals as well. With Zack Rack everything is within reach to help you make the most of your storage and retain your independence.

Technical Specifications-Get to know the Zack Rack.

Freedom Shelf Innovations manufactures the interior mechanisms and partners with cabinet manufacturers to produce these accessible cabinets to match your home.

  • An installed Zack Rack needs approximately 36″ by 24″ by 84″ inch
  • 10 shelves rotate to the access door
  • Shelf dimensions are 7.5″ deep x 12″ tall x 29″ wide.
  • Each shelf can hold up to 40 lbs.
  • Easy to use 10 button panel calls shelf
  • Micro-processor control unit finds the quickest path for each shelf
  • Shelf position locks when power is lost
  • Secure operation ensures that the shelf is in place before the door will open
  • LED bar light illuminates the shelf selected
Find out how easily Zack Rack handicap accessible cabinets can fit into your home today!