Looking For Cool Storage Options For Handicapped Kitchen Designs?

These inventions and wonders make reaching utensils, dishes, or ingredients easy for everyone making them great options for your handicapped kitchen designs.

Drawers-Handicapped Kitchen Design

Contemporary Kitchen-Using Drawers to Your Advantage in your Handicapped Kitchen Designs


If you are in the middle of or contemplating remodeling your kitchen or maybe even building a kitchen brand new, you should try to incorporate as many drawers rather than base cabinets for storage as possible. These are great for dishes, pots, pans, and so much more. These drawers can help to bring things to you rather than you having to reach for things way in the back. Corner drawers may also be a good option for tight spaces but may require more dexterity as they usually pull out from both sides for aesthetics. Most modern drawers will look great in any of your handicapped kitchen designs.


Quick Tip for Handicapped Kitchen Designs:


When Selecting drawers, opt for heavy-duty glides and rollers to be sure there is adequate support for the extra weight of dishes stored there.

Pegboard-Handicapped Kitchen Designs

Traditional Kitchen-Have You Thought About a Pegboard Within Your Handicapped Kitchen Designs?


Pegboards can be used for dishes, frequently used utensils, or even heavier items too. This can make using your kitchen a breeze and maybe even encourage children or grandchildren to be more active in the kitchen too as everything is right within their reach. Pegboards prevent dangerous reaches to upper cabinets for heavy dishes or stooping to lower cabinets were getting back up may pose a challenge. In fact, pegboards are great for the wheelchair accessible kitchen and aging in place as well!


Modern Kitchen With Handicapped Kitchen Designs in Mind:


Roll-out tray storage is a great option when designing or remodeling an accessible kitchen.  These rollout shelves can be very handy to accommodate the use of doors rather than drawers when choosing storage within your handicapped kitchen design. It’s important to remember though that you must fully open the door before pulling out the trays to prevent the inside of your cabinet doors being scraped. These shelves come in a variety of styles and modern materials to make your kitchen as unique as you are. Most of these cabinets have the capacity for three shelves, but this may vary based on what you plan to store inside.

Product Spec Seven-Handicapped Kitchen Designs

You’re Going to Need a Pantry for Every Kitchen!


The best pantry in our opinion is the Zack Rack. While Zack Rack can certainly store dishes, utensils, cookbooks, and more, it makes a great pantry as well. No more pulling down hard to reach shelves. No more stooping to see into the back of a dark cabinet. Simply install Zack Rack, plug it in, and you’re ready to go. With ten revolving shelves, you can have pasta, spices, jelly, or anything in between with the simple push of a button. This sturdy cabinet can hold everything you need and can be easily customized to the look and feel of your current cabinets as well within your handicapped kitchen design.


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