What is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist?

Let’s talk about what a Certified Aging in Place Specialist really is and how they may be able to help you stay home longer than you ever dreamed you could.

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Whether you lived in the same home for quite some time or just relocated, it can be difficult to figure out how to best use your living space. It may also be hard to know which furnishings, appliances, and features within your home may provide the best safety or comfort for you. This is a great reason to call in an occupational therapist or aging in place specialist. You may also want to consider creating a team of a design-building Certified Aging in Place Specialist as well.

What is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist?

The Certified Aging in Place title was developed through collaboration among AARP, the National Association of Homebuilders and many other experts in this field. This certification is completed through training and testing with a multi-course program.

A CAPS will be able to understand the requirements of older adults and is well versed in home modifications, common remodeling needs, and solutions to the common barriers of aging. A CAPS may be a remodeler most often, but architects, occupational therapists, and designers may hold this title as well.

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Certified Aging in Place Specialists Can:

  • Suggest updates to a home to help individuals live more independently in their own home.
  • Collaborate with an Occupational Therapist to create a building plan or home modification plans to meet the safety or functional needs of households or individuals.
  • Work with licensed contractors and interior designers for design or building methods to develop a barrier-free home that is attractive as well.
  • Help customers to understand building codes, useful resources or products, and the cost or time that it may take to complete various remodeling projects.

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Do You Need a CAPS?

Individuals who are aging may want to begin the process of aging in place to remain home longer and avoid becoming dependent upon others in their later years. Anyone can benefit whether they currently have a disability or barriers to safe living in their current space or not. Ideally, though, one would begin planning their aging in place techniques or remodels as they are young. Some individuals may even choose to build their homes with aging in place from the very beginning. Whatever you choose, be assured that and Aging in Place Specialist can help you to live a comfortable life without restrictions in your living space daily. You may also save time, frustration, and valuable resources as well when working with a professional to age in place. You can avoid costly products that may be ineffective for your personal situation and keep remodeling on track to reduce costs as well. In the end, you’ll know that your safety is protected in every way with your new home design. Live with peace of mind and work with an Aging in Place Specialist today.

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