I’m Interested in Aging in Place Remodeling, What Now?

A Quick Break Down of Aging In Place Remodeling:

  • Can help anyone to live in their home longer in most cases.
  • Young people buying a home or building may want to consider aging in place services to help them remain in their home for the duration of their lifetimes.
  • Older individuals may want to keep aging in place remodeling in mind to remain home longer, even if their homes weren’t built for aging in place.
  • A certified aging in place specialist, CAPs, or an occupational therapist can help you to identify and implement any aging in place remodeling needs that you may have.

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What is Aging In Place Remodeling?

Aging in place remodeling is a way to restore and adjust your environment as you age. Aging in place remodeling can help to make your home safer, more accessible, and help you to remain in your home as long as possible. Remodeling can help you to correct structural faults, add more space, and make bathrooms more accessible for wheelchairs or other mobility devices that you may need over time.

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Why Would I Need to Remodel? Is it really necessary to remodel my home to age in place?

If you have purchased a home as a young person and plan to live there for the duration of your life then you may want to think of remodeling. Aging in place remodeling can help to widen doors, fix stairs, alter tubs or toilets or more to allow you greater mobility at any age. If you are an older adult there’s still time. You can help to remodel your home with aging in place remodeling to stay home longer. With bathtub solution to create a walk in bath or shower, storage solutions, widened doors, stairlifts and more you can remain home much longer in most cases.

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How Do I Get Started With Aging In Place Remodeling? I Wouldn’t Even Know Where to Begin!

To get started with aging in place remodeling you must first identify your needs. Then you’ll need to contact an aging in place specialist for more information about what you can do to accommodate those needs. Any occupational therapist may also be able to help as well in the case of age or disability. The you will need to contact a reliable contractor to help you make any alterations or repairs that you may need.


Who Can Help Me With Aging In Place Remodeling? Is There a Specific Professional or Organization That Can Give Me More Information?

A Certified aging in Place Specialist or a CAPS can help you to organize or carry out any remodeling needs that you may have. You can find a CAPS through senior service organizations or AARP. If you can’t find everything you need there, then there are other resources. Our partners at Age in Place and the Living Place Institute can help you to get started anytime.

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Looking for more information about aging in place remodeling? Visit our partners to learn more!


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