The storage appliance is designed with connection points your cabinetmaker can use to clad the unit and match the rest of your cabinets.
It will stop in place. Once the power is restored, the appliance will go through a homing sequence and stop at shelf #1.
You can fill the shelves any way you want, but the total weight should not exceed 600 pounds. Each shelf can hold about 60 pounds.
The door opening can be placed at a height of 32” or 40”. If Zack Rack® is mostly used for persons in a wheelchair, 32” works best. If you mostly access from a standing position, 40” may be more comfortable. Should a height change be required later to accommodate different needs, it can easily be done after installation.
The footprint is 36” wide and 24” deep with allowance for ¾” paneling on each side. The front is 84” tall to match regular cabinets and 88” high in the back of Zack Rack®.
Yes, the appliance must be secured to the wall and/or floor prior to loading and operation. This is detailed in the installation guide which must be followed closely for secure operation.
Standard 120V power to be supplied via a switched outlet.
In the kitchen, you can store a variety of non-perishable goods – canned goods, cereal, baking goods, spices, utensils, cups and glasses. Zack Rack® in the den or bonus room will hold games, hobby items, crafts, toys and collections you may have. The garage is also a good place for Zack Rack®. You can store drills, saws, hand tools, screws and other repair items as well as recreational items like sports equipment.
Zack Rack® does not require any regular maintenance. Should you spill anything on a shelf, it can be removed for cleaning. The shelf is designed for easy removal.
Each of the 10 shelves are 12.5” H x 29” W x 7.5” D.